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Grid Design

We plan out what the future of your social media will look like. Reviewing your layout in a grid format of 15 posts, you can step back and see your brand persona. Launch with style and impact! ?

Social Media Calendar

Planning ahead is time consuming. Scheduling and automation is the key! This way, the plan is never last minute and you get to review what’s being posted once a month. Sit back and let the magic happen.

Standardized Templates

We research and design graphics for your custom templates. This allows your branding to be consistent through your social media feed and marketing. Templates are usually designed for: testimonials, CTA’s, lifestyle, promotions, product highlights, etc.

Call To Actions ( CTAs)

We write powerful sentences that invite your audience to answer a key question regarding your product or service. These strategic calls to actions are customized to fit your market, and we use them across your marketing: eblasts, social media and website. 

Caption Writing

When planning and scheduling your social media, we do the caption writing for you so you don’t have to! We listen, learn and become experts at speaking from your brand’s perspective, relating directly to your fans and buyers.


We research your audience demographics (where they are, what they follow) and create different posts that include sets of key hashtags. We continue to rotate and develop them for you, retargeting them as needed throughout the year.

Boosting + Targeting

We monitor which posts are performing well, which areas, what your demographic is etc. We study the data and advise what to boost, whom to target and make strategic recommendations – to help you invest money in the right type of ads and promoted posts.


Automation makes everyone’s life easier! Not only can we plan ahead, but now, we don’t even have to think about manually posting daily, saving YOU time and money.


In addition to scheduling, the above platforms allow us to export detailed data reports to help tailor your marketing and hone it to perfection. Along with data reports, we also provide monthly and quarterly reports from other sources such as Mailchimp and google analytics.

All this and more included in our Social Media Marketing Services

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions, but
Contact Us at anytime for a real conversation.

The web design process takes about 8-12 weeks. Could be longer depending on how large and complex your website is.

The cost of designing a website can vary significantly from $1500 to $10,000+ depending on your needs. Will it be an e-commerce site? Is it a new site or a redesign?

To get a better idea on how much you’ll be investing, call us at 954.228.3049. We’d love to do business with you.

First, we thoroughly study your brand. Then, we research what is trending and being discussed about your brand, and work on making relatable to your buying audience.

Not at all! While we recommend using HubSpot, there are many other tools we can use to optimize your marketing such as hootsuite, later and WordPress.

Unless otherwise discussed, we migrate over the current content on your site as is. Additional charges and fees apply for new content, pages, graphics, etc. 

Of course. Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with the finished product.

Our team is very open to collaboration with other professionals. Lets do it!

No, our websites are built and edited in a staging area, where it will remain on a testing link before launch.

WordPress allows user autonomy, giving you the ability to edit and make changes to it without knowing coding or programming. 

Be aware of scammers. Clients contact us often for a website redesign after going to one of those companies. Otherwise, we are happy to compare portfolios, pricing, and services. Our goal is to provide you with honest advice and support.

For a new website, we incorporate SEO through each page/post. For website redesigns, each page will need an SEO Audit. During the planning process we can recommend what your needs are.

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